Children Ministry Task force


The mission of the Children ministry Taskforce is to speak up for children. The goal is to support all Kenyan Vineyard Churches as they reach out to children by creating a body of peers who can provide support, encouragement and problem solving ideas.

The 4/14 window.

This is about the children who are between the ages of 4 and 14years old. According to Wess Stafford of Compassion International, “The vast majority of people who make decision to become Christians do so while they are children between 4 to 14years of age. This window is the bull’s eye, the very heart of the harvest. Not only are children the most receptive group to the gospel, they are uniquely positioned to be a powerful Kingdom force, even today as children”.


For us in the Kenyan Vineyard Movement, we must do what the Father loves doing calling the children to himself and revealing his love to them and care. We believe God is reaching to all of us to reach and equip the children so that they can be strategically disposed to be the foot soldiers of spreading the Good news of the Kingdom of God to their peers and also to provide the much needed evangelizing resource for tomorrow and future generations. This is a gift that we can bequeath the church and ensure that Christ will have a godly inheritance in the children who are living in our time and those that will come later.


We need new ideas and strategies to see children experience personal transformation that leads to becoming agents of global transformation.


To do this effectively, we must address not just the spiritual part of their lives but also relational, emotional, economic, social, mental and physical issues that they face.


We need a holistic approach to ministering to Children around us. We need to provide them with ministry opportunities in which they are able to exercise their God given potential in ways that honour God and advance his kingdom.


The Children ministry taskforce aims to help with developing healthy children’s ministry in local churches and communities across Kenya.


How does the Taskforce achieve these goals?


  1. Relationships- We must build relationships among children’s leaders and by sharing available resources on children ministry. By this, leaders within the children ministry will get to know others in the rest of the country and so facilitate opportunities for encouragement, sharing experiences and learning from one another through ministry exchange.
  2. Children leaders’ retreat- The national task force could host an annual National Children leaders retreat or for more effectiveness a regional retreat will be more desirable.
  3. Free curriculum- To be developed by the taskforce leaders and should reflect the vineyard values for anyone to use.
  4. Resources- The taskforce members to collaborate on the resources which could include practical advice and ideas as well as information about commercially available resources and how different people have used. This could be an ideal forum, for anyone starting out in children’s ministry and covers questions that have repeatedly been asked.