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About The Vineyard.

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The Name

The term "Vineyard" is a bibilical metaphor for God's people - the community where he is at work.


The movement in kenya

In December 1996 a newly established church in Karen,Nairobi became the first church in Kenya to be part of Vineyard movement. Currently, the Association of Vineyard Churches Kenya is involved in church planting, training and Leadership development. Our vision is to see the Vineyard expressed in a truly African way. This model of church and ministry will be fairly unique as we believe it has an important contribution to make in this region, as has been the case with the Vineyard's inception in other parts of the world.


Our approach

We understand ourselves more in terms of a movement than an institution in that we continue to evolve in a dynamic way in our approach to the church and ministry. The ultimate goal of the local Vineyard church is to be a base where people can receive training and be involved in reaching out to others as well as church planting in the areas to which God has called us. As local churches, we value being part of a larger body of Jesus Christ and are commited to church life that is not competitive but complementary, while upholding our particular calling and expression of the Vineyard Church life.


Because of the nature of the great commission given to us by Jesus,we cannot reduce our vision to anything smaller than seeing the society "transformed by the Gospel." In this respect, we look to see God change people, bringing them into His destiny for them.


While we recognize that we are only a part of a greater church and therefore that God is working in many other areas and ways, we do have a sense for a particular calling. We see our contribution to the fulfilment of this vision in hundreds of Vineyard Churches being established. We see it as vital to those churches being different from the prevailing religious sub-culture. Alongside this, we see the development of leaders, both men and women, serving in teams, from the prevailing religious-leadership style and practice.